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World barrier reef areas

(Top Center)

Self-propelled vehicle with green-colored trim docked on "Area III," or the Northwest position of the Hexagon. Was originally a vehicle containing a laboratory for the development of G-Stone technology, and (according to the audio drama A Cyborg is Born) contained an "X-Room" where Guy Shishioh was interned shortly after the recovery operation that turned him into a Cyborg.

Later redesigned as a vehicle containing a sealed reservoir of G-Stone energy designed to be explosively released. Once activated, it increased the power of any GS-Ride-equipped machine within the reservoir to devastating (and highly dangerous) overload capacity. Was only intended to be used when no other option remained available to GGG in a given situation.

It was launched from the "Hexagon" purely though kinetic force, through the use of a gigantic firing "hammer" behind the docking point—similar to those used in modern percussion cap firearms. Once launched in this manner, it propelled itself using a "GS-Booster" that drew power directly from its own internal reservoir.

This vehicle was eventually mobilized by GGG (at Cyborg Guy's insistence) for use by the Strongest Brave Robot Corps in order to defeat EI-01.

A portable version of the Projectile-X was installed on the Chasseur-built Super-AI robots KouRyu and AnRyu, in the same location as the chest attacks on the other robots. This version was built as an offensive weapon, intentionally overloading an enemy by bombarding it with G-Stone energy in a manner similar to the Grand Pressure.

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