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Named for the planet Uranus. TenRyuJin's counterpart in the Soul Masters. Fought in Athens, Repli-Greece. Capable of flight. Carried a clear shield and a lance-like weapon containing missiles and beam weapons (Given that its beams were reflected and refracted by TenRyuJin's Hikari to Yami no Mai, they might be the same as Primerose Moon.)

Also possessed a pair of chest-mounted lasers that were capable of slicing through TenRyuJin's armor instantaneously and could be fired in sweeps - these were used to slice off TenRyuJin's arms and weapons.

Destroyed through KoRyu and AnRyu's combined Internal Projectile-X. Puranus was then duplicated several dozen times by Pisa Sol; all of these faded away with its destruction.


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