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A clone created by the real Mamoru using the regeneration machine of the 11 Planetary Masters of Sol, he fought the Masters while the real Galeon was within the G-Crystal, awaiting his true programming to be restored by Mamoru. Like Repli-Mamoru, Repli-Galeon was captured by the Masters and reprogrammed to accomplish their goal of retrieving the PasQ Machine on Earth.

Repli-Galeon was summoned during Repli-Mamoru's escape attempt from GGG Orbit Base, and with the aid of the PasQ Machine, performed Fusion with Repli-Mamoru to form GaiGar and linked with StealthGao II in attempt to escape. After evading HyoRyu, EnRyu, and Volfogg, he was shot down to Earth by Renais. After a short battle with GaoFar, he merged with the original GaoMachines to form GaoGaiGar, and demonstrated all of the abilities the original possessed while fighting GaoFighGar. Repli-Galeon was killed when GaoFighGar's Hell and Heaven broke through GaoGaiGar's attempt at the same attack.

While physically similar, Repli-Galeon is easily identified by his lack of colors, as he is almost completely white, especially in lion mode. He possesses the same abilities as the real Galeon and GaiGar and is even able to apply the GaoMachines the same way as the original.


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