Cleanup Go! Carpenters!

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Clones of HyoRyu, EnRyu, FuRyu, RaiRyu, KouRyu, AnRyu, Volfogg and Mic Sounders the 13th created by Repli-Mamoru's accidental use of the Pas-Q Machine to duplicate Earth, then reprogrammed by the 11 Planetary Masters of Sol. Sent along with a mind-controlled Guy Shishioh to fight King J-Der in orbit - however, they resisted the reprogramming and instead blocked the Goldion Hammer attack used by Guy at the cost of their own lives. Palparepa remarks that the reason is that they were too perfect as copies, and that more time could have been spent on them.

The Repli-Jins looked identical to their counterparts, but with washed-out color schemes.

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