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Episode Two: Voice (第二夜「声」-Koe-) Edit

A recap of Episode One.

Keita Aono's day begins much like any other, with him late for school. The arrival of a new student, however -- his long-lost friend Hinoki -- means this day will be anything but normal. Keita is unaware of just how strange it will become, and for that he'd probably be grateful.

Ever the klutz, Keita accidentally stumbles upon the entrance to an amusement park (Bottom World). Unfortunately, it's been closed due to a series of violent deaths, and he appears likely to become the next victim.

Luckily, he encounters Hinoki at the controls of a giant robot called the Kakuseijin No. 1 and climbs aboard, escaping the monsters that have chased him throughout the park. Hinoki is also lucky this meeting took place, because her co-pilot ran off (either out of fear or something else), leaving her stranded. The Kakuseijin apparently requires two crew members with "Dual Kind" abilities, and to Hinoki's surprise, Keita possesses this rare and special gift.

Working together, they get the robot moving, only to run out of fuel in the middle of a battle. Destruction is imminent, at least until the being known as Betterman appears out of nowhere. Seemingly human, Betterman transforms himself into a dragon (Betterman NEBULA) and destroys the monster that threatens Hinoki and Keita.

Returning with Hinoki to Akamatsu Industries, the company that developed the Kakuseijin, Keita learns that he has inadvertently joined the battle against Algernon. He may in fact be a dual kind, but will it be enough to survive what is being called the greatest threat to mankind's existence? And just who or what is the mysterious Betterman?

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