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Episode Sixteen: Revelation Edit

Shou Yanagi, once again plagued by nightmares, disappears for a second time. He eventually turns up at Akamatsu Industries, where he crashes a truck carrying the Tyran through a garage door, nearly running over Mr. Akamatsu in the process. What's gotten into him? Mr. Akamatsu isn't sure, but Kaede knows, and she intercepts him along the road and jumps into the truck.

Yanagi's dreams call him to an abandoned factory, where he and Kaede are attacked by three neuronoids, the three shadows from across the sea that Sakura has predicted would strike. They are actually three malfunctioning prototype neuronoids that ModeWarp was set to dismantle. Instead, they were stolen from ModeWarp France's headquarters, and no one quite knows how the thieves did it.

They should be useless, since they have no pilots and little fuel. Here they are, however, fighting the Tyran and showing no signs of slowing down. Who or what is operating them? Yanagi knows, but isn't too pleased with the answer.

Betterman, meanwhile, is having his own difficulties. Another of his kind, a being called Bodaiju, doesn't think Betterman is being true to his original mission. He thinks Betterman is spending too much time protecting Keita and Hinoki when he should be fighting something called Kankel, and he takes it upon himself to destroy his rival. Unfortunately for Keita and Hinoki, Bodaiju seems to have accomplished his goal.

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