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Episode Six: Echo Edit

The saboteur has been apprehended, but Mr. Akamatsu has little to be happy about. Not when the person behind the malfunctioning neuronoids was Heichin, one of his best employees, and a close friend as well.

The sight of Heichin institutionalized and babbling incoherently has Akamatsu visibly shaken, but he won't have much time to think about it. That's because following the trail of Algernon has led his team to the Ajanta Caves in India, supposedly home to a giant creature known as the Behemoth.

The disappearance of the Mode Warp investigative team that preceded their arrival seems to support the myth, but this will be a particularly difficult mission for Hinoki regardless of whether the Behemoth exists or not. The Ajanta Caves are where her father, mother, and brother mysteriously vanished four years earlier.

Almost as mysterious are the giant lizard and strange girl that Keita sees outside the cave, but it's the Behemoth that scares off their guide. Miyako, Kaede, and Yanagi press forward anyway, but each is soon overcome by hallucinations of people from their past.

Separated from his friends, Keita also sees something -- the Behemoth -- but unfortunately for him and Hinoki, it's no illusion. Even the appearance of Betterman -- usually a welcome sight -- does little to help the situation, as he is shockingly defeated, torn apart by the elephant-like creature.

If Betterman couldn't defeat the Behemoth, how likely is it that any of them will make it out of the caves alive?

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