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The primary weapon of the Mic Force, first implemented by Liger Shishioh at NASA, inspired by observation of Betterman Lamia's Psycho Voice attack in Nebula form. Each Mic Sounders unit is capable of utilizing a "primed soliton" while in Boom Robo mode to create a solitary wave from one of their instruments. This builds a resonance within its operating range that can be specifically tuned to the frequency of a material, causing it to shatter or disintegrate at a subatomic level.

In more threatening hands, the Solitary Wave Riser is also capable of being used on unlimited frequencies; Liger Shishioh has (quite rightfully) claimed that its power has the ability to destroy the entire human race if used improperly. To this end, he had first tested the Solitary Wave Riser within Mic Sounders 13th (unknowingly locked into Cosmo Robo mode) to ensure that the newly-programmed Super-AI would not misuse the ability.

Liger had experimented on a sample of Zonder Metal found by GGG (stolen from his brother Leo's custody) to determine the material's specific frequency, shattering it in the process. This data was used to program Disc X, which Liger assures GGG is capable of destroying only Zonder Metal.

During the battle with the Strongest 7 Primevals, a "Disc X Primeval Remix Version" (also called "Disc XX" by some sources) is created using data from one of GGG's captured Zonder Crystals. This form of Solitary Wave is theoretically capable of severely damaging or destroying a Primeval's external form.

The Solitary Wave is powerful enough to be used in space, appearing as a blue energy beam when collectively used by the Mic Force.

A variant of this technology was later used in the NASA-designed Grand Pleshar tool built for GaoGaiGar's use (seen in the video game King of Braves GaoGaiGar: Blockaded Numbers); The UN's Cosmo Robo ships in GaoGaiGar FINAL are also equipped with a (presumably less-inhibited) version of Disc X which Yan Long-Li claims is capable of completely vaporizing GGG's division fleet and the Orbit Base.