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Components: GaiGar (Cyborg Guy + Galeon) + DrillGao + LinerGao + StealthGao II

Result of Final Fusion with StealthGao II in place of the original StealthGao. StealthGao II incorporates an optional "Space Booster" that allows GaoGaiGar to remain in space for much longer operational periods. This apparatus consists of a nacelle attached to the end of either wing edge and a bladed wing assembly attached to its upper surface. (The Space Booster can also be used in atmosphere, though any potential drawbacks of doing this are unknown.)

Star GaoGaiGar wielding the Goldion Hammer

Either nacelle on the Space Booster is "leashed" with one "Phantom Ring." While the exact mechanics are unknown, these rings are remote-controlled, self-propelled units that detach and position in front of GaoGaiGar's arms, enhancing their attacks.

Star GaoGaiGar can still interface with Goldymarg to use the Goldion Hammer in this mode. It can also use the GGG-built Gatling Driver, which bends (rather, spirals) space to create either an interfering spatial field, or a "gravity lens" through which energy attacks can be focused to a sharp point. When equipped with a Gatling Driver on its left arm and a Dividing Driver on its right, Star GaoGaiGar is further capable of using the Double-Head Driver technique, used to create an exit within pocket dimensions that use properties of Dividing Energy.

The Space Booster can be ejected at any time to leave a Super Mechanoid identical to the regular GaoGaiGar - this is only done during the fight with Zonuda, when Volfogg (whose AI had been placed in StealthGao II) ejects the Booster to keep the effects of Matter Sublimation on the right nacelle from reaching GaoGaiGar's main body.

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