Classification: G-stone driven Gao-Machine
Type: GaoMachine
Width: 34.7m
Weight: 164.0t
Tank Capacity: 120.0t
GS Ride Class: Classified
Engine: G Drive
Construction: G-Box Cast Frame
Maximum Output: 80,000kw (About 106,500 hp)
Flight System: Scram G Turbine Jet
Flight System Thrust: 320t (x2)
Max. Running Speed: 0.95 Mach
Barrier System: G-Power Barrier System
Physical Defense System: Laser-Coating G Armor
Passenger Capacity: 4 Persons
Special Equipment: Multipylons
Notes: Up to 6 missiles can be attached to Multipylons

StealthGao (ステルスガオー Suterusu Gaoo?) is a flying wing GaoMachine modeled after an American B-2 Spirit bomber, with the addition of larger engine nacelles supporting vertical takeoff and landing. Like a stealth bomber, it is invisible to radar and highly maneuverable. Its multipylon arms allow it to transport other GaoMachines, and equip additional weapons such as missile pods. Usually controlled remotely, StealthGao can also take a pilot and passengers. GaiGar can interface with StealthGao without the use of Final Fusion, allowing for aerial travel with speeds far superior to anything that GaiGar can accomplish under its own power. This makes StealthGao by far the most commonly used of the GaoMachines during the battle on Earth. When Final Fusion is performed, StealthGao forms the back, forearms, and helmet of GaoGaiGar, as well as the mane for Galeon's head, which it uses as landing gear. StealthGao is later replaced with space vehicle StealthGao II. Whether or not this is simply an adaptation of StealthGao is unclear.

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