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A name designating any superintelligent AI capable of independent learning and human-like thought processes. The first known Super-AI was installed in Galeon - the primary use of Super-AIs in the series is in the Mobile Unit robots. A "natural" Super-AI (such as HyoRyu or EnRyu) is "raised" over the course of several months (needing six for the aforementioned two to reach maturity), and generally only achieves its full potential through entering combat situations and demonstrating bravery. In many situations, this is an impractically long time to wait, and so a large number of Super-AIs are instead based off the brainwave patterns of a human (this type includes Volfogg, Goldymarg, and even Galeon itself). J-Ark's Tomoro 0117 computer core is essentially a stationary Super-AI, and an additional one based off of Cain's Wife was embedded in the G-Crystal, along with a copy of Galeon's original programming.

Unlike regular AIs, Super-AIs are unique in that they can possess courage, and thus can use the power of the G-Stone just as a human can. Earth-made Super-AIs are thus invariably equipped with GS-Rides, and usually later retrofitted with the improved Ul-Tech Engine.

Known Super-AI RobotsEdit


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