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Division III: Spaceborne Multidimensional Warning/Reconnaissance/Command System SusanohEdit

Intelligence-gathering and combat-capable Division Ship. Essentially a spaceborne version of the Multi-Dimensional Intelligence Submarine, it is piloted by Volfogg (though a human crew is usually present, it is not strictly necessary). Susanoh is equipped with a powerful single-directional "Reflector Beam," a blast of energy fired from the upper surface of the ship that can be aimed at a target using a remote-controlled F.F. Mirror (Free-Floating Mirror) array. The angle of attack can be changed more quickly than Eye Primeval can predict. Susanoh also contains a command deck that acts as a miniature Order Room for operations outside of the GGG Orbit Base's range.

Destroyed in combat at Jupiter with the Z-Master - later replaced by Takehaya.