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Swan White

Swan White (スワン・ホワイト Suwan Howaito?) is a member of GGG. She is the younger sister of Stallion White. The American GGG operator, Swan does speak Japanese, but in more "amateur" and awkward manner than the Japanese spoken by the other characters. Generally serves as Dr. Leo Shishioh's assistant. Speaks several languages and has some skill in martial arts.

Transferred to GGG America between the series and King of Braves GaoGaiGar FINAL, but quickly returns to GGG Orbit Base. In the last episode of FINAL, it is revealed that her red pendant is "The Key to Victory" (literally - it activates a plate lock that, when combined with Koutarou Taiga's pendant key and plate lock, forms the characters for Victory and unseals the Goldion Crusher).

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