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Symmetrical Docking is a process where two Super-AI robots combine to form a more powerful robot. The robots must have a high SympaRate to perform Symmetrical Docking.

Units Formed From Symmetrical DockingEdit

HyoRyu and EnRyu.
FuRyu and RaiRyu.
HyoRyu and RaiRyu with the aid of The Power when their Symparate's reached 200%.
FuRyu and EnRyu with the aid of The Power when their Symparate's reached 200%..
KouRyu and AnRyu.


Notes & TriviaEdit

  • All of the combined units have the suffix -RyuJin, literally meaning "Dragon God" (龍神).
  • While Volfogg can also combine together with robots, he does not undergo Symmetrical Docking as GunDober and GunGlue are not Super-AI units.

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