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The Symmetrical-Docked form of KouRyu and AnRyu, formed when their SympaRate reaches 100%. The most offensively-oriented of the three normal Symmetrical-Dock Robots. Capable of emulating EI-01's multi-directional laser attack by firing chaff(?) and sensor-blocking missiles, then reflecting MASER beams off of the resulting junked matter on and around the enemy - this is the Dance of Light and Dark, Hikari to Yami no Mai. (She notes that the calculations to pull off this attack are very difficult.) Also possesses a technique called Double Nail Fire, which is basically identical to J-Der's Double Plasma Swords.

KouRyu and AnRyu also display a desperation attack in King of Braves GaoGaiGar FINAL called Projectile-X Lite - this appears to overload the enemy with raw GS-Ride energy, which they use to destroy a Loud G-Stone.


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