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Episode Ten: Worms Edit

After all that's happened to them lately, the employees at Akamatsu Industries are relieved to find themselves back at headquarters with nothing dangerous to do. Yamajii and Li-Chan, however, find that something as simple as enjoying a meal uninterrupted is impossible, as they are approached by a strange figure.

It simply turns out to be an old man, one who without saying a word hands Li-Chan a gift: a sweet-smelling bell, then leaves just as suddenly as he arrives. That sweet-smelling bell will soon be more useful than she ever could have imagined.

Though most of the staff has gone home, Keita, Hinoki, and Akamatsu are still around late into the night, waiting for information concerning their last mission. Ordering noodles makes the waiting seem less agonizing, but not for the deliveryman, who upon stepping outside is devoured by what is later revealed to be thousands of worms.

A power failure inside interrupts their meal, but they rapidly lose their appetite when the backup generator reveals worms pouring in from every opening. Forced to head for the neuronoids with the intention of killing all the worms simultaneously, they instead find the robots completely covered by them. Additionally, members of the Mode Warp team working on the neuronoids have apparently shared the same fate as the deliveryman.

Once again retreating, Keita, Hinoki, and Akamatsu find themselves trapped in a room they believe to be safe, until worms start creeping in through an air vent. Just as the end seems near, the door opens, but it's only Li-Chan, who's returned to the office to pick something up she's forgotten.

The worms have also disappeared, apparently scared off by the bell she's wearing around her wrist. Its power to ward off the worms is only effective in small spaces, however, and they eventually return, still hungry.

Escaping through an air duct seems like the perfect idea, until it collapses, separating the group. Since there's only one bell, those worms may just have another meal before the night is through...

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