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Episode Three: Sky (第三夜「宙」-Sora-)Edit

Thanks to Betterman, Keita miraculously makes it back in one piece to Akamatsu Industries' headquarters. Between playing videogames with Mr. Akamatsu and leering at female employees, Keita learns Algernon caused the deaths at Bottom World.

After filling in for Cactus, Hinoki's missing -- and subsequently murdered -- co-pilot, what role will Keita play in combating Algernon? None, unless it's determined he's actually a Dual Kind, which is why he's heading off to Mode Warp, accompanied by Hinoki and Miyako Asami--a female scientist, to undergo a battery of tests.

Overseeing Akamatsu Industries' work, Asami's Mode Warp is an organization that was created specifically to investigate the existence of Algernon, a task made more difficult when short-staffed by one robot pilot.

Whether Keita is the answer to their problems is a question that may never be answered, because the plane transporting him, Hinoki, and Miyako may never make it to its intended destination. The cockpit may be empty, but the cargo hold isn't: It's filled with murderous crash-test dummies.

Breaking free from their crates, they've surrounded the three defenseless passengers, and offering them a pillow or beverage is not what's on these robots' minds. Betterman again appears out of the blue to save the day, but it may not matter, because while he fights off the dummies, the pilotless plane is going down over the ocean.

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