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Episode Thirteen: Nectar Edit

Although Dr. Umezaki was supposed to be developing alternative food sources at his laboratory, he instead seems to have devoted all his energy to creating an army of insects. Whether she likes it or not, Miyako Asami will be joining the doctor in his research, thanks to one particular insect capable of turning her into a zombie as soon as it crawls into her mouth and up to her brain.

Fortunately, Shou Yanagi stumbles upon the place where she is being held captive and grabs the bug without a moment to spare. Miyako's mind may be intact, but the pair still has to make their way out of the laboratory, something a chance encounter with the Tyran could help them achieve.

There won't be any time to thank Kaede and Sakura for saving them, however, because the insects are in hot pursuit. Keita and Hinoki know just how they're feeling, as the worms that attacked Akamatsu Industries have reappeared, and have the Kakuseijin all wrapped up.

Even Betterman is having a difficult time landing a single blow against the insects he's battling.

When all else fails, a little trickery comes in handy, and the Kakuseijin, Tyran, and Betterman all emerge victorious. The Tyran, however, loses its footing and falls into the surrounding swamplands, where it's sucked down into a whirlpool.

Waiting for Yanagi, Asami, Kaede, and Sakura beneath the surface is the laboratory from which they've just escaped.

Keita and Hinoki set out to find them, and they do. They unfortunately also encounter a strange scent that leaves the entire team laughing uncontrollably and unable to think clearly. Sounds like a job for Betterman, but Dr. Umezaki has trapped him as well, with the intention of dissecting him...

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