The Transformers are a popular toyline by Takara and Hasbro, the spiritual predacessor of the Brave series.

Several of the Brave toys were recycled from the Transformers line.

The storyline of the Transformers cartoons and comic books features obvious paralells to early brave anime.

   Characters in Brave associated with Transformers
   Brave Exkaiser:
             Horn Geist- Based off of G1 Slag
             Ptera Geist- Based off of G1 Swoop
             Armor Geist- Based off of G1 Snarl
             Thunder Geist- Based off of G1 Sludge
   The Brave of the Sun Fighbird:
               Fighbird and Granbird: the leg design of both characters has parallels with Star Saber from Transformers: Victory (this Transformers line set the standard for most of the Brave Series)
   The Brave Fighter of Legend Da Barn:
            Gaon- based loosely off of Victory Leo from Transformers: Victory in terms of alternate forms and concept
            Red Geist- based off of Deszaras, also from Victory

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