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Episode Twenty: Trap Edit

After all the nightmares and hallucinations, not to mention being turned into cannibalistic zombies, the Akamatsu Industries team is ready to take action against the Superhuman Federation, the organization they suspect is behind their recent troubles.

Even the overly logical Miyako Asami is so fed up that she leads the charge to the Superhuman Federation's headquarters before all the facts are even in from ModeWarp's investigation.

Kept out of the action are Keita and Hinoki, left behind by Mr. Akamatsu, who had concerns for their safety. The pair isn't much safer where they are, however, as the noise Li-Chan hears from outside turns out to be a police raid. Li-Chan, Yamajii, Keita, and Hinoki barely manage to escape by crashing through a wall in their truck, but they still may be in better shape than their friends, who by now have infiltrated the Superhuman Federation building.

It isn't long before they encounter a series of traps, however, just as Sakura had predicted. Overcoming every obstacle placed in their path, the Akamatsu Industries team finally reaches its destination: a room occupied by Dr. Mamon, CEO of the federation.

They arrive at his headquarters with the intention of ironing out their differences, but the doctor has no intention of negotiating, and things quickly spiral out of control. What secret does Kaede, the object of Mamon's affections, hold in her hair clip? Only one that could signify the end for her friends.

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