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Episode Twenty-Five: Memory Edit

The search for Hinoki leads the Akamatsu Industries team to ModeWarp headquarters, where the group instead finds 12 irate robots blocking its path. The neuronoid carrying Keita, Sakura, and Mr. Akamatsu is quickly surrounded and shot down, but Yanagi, Kaede, and Miyako manage to defeat what they believe are all the machines.

There's one more, however, and Miyako is separated from her friends during the attack and plunges down a deep shaft, presumably to her death. The last robot, meanwhile, is finally beaten, but there's little time to savor victory as Kaede starts laughing uncontrollably: a sure sign of Algernon. She then triggers an explosion that destroys her neuronoid, killing Yanagi, herself, and their unborn baby.

Though Sakura and Mr. Akamatsu are nowhere in sight, Keita has managed to survive the crash and awakens to find himself in a pool of linker gel -- the substance that powers the neuronoids -- at the bottom of ModeWarp headquarters. Only a few feet away from him is Hinoki, resting motionless on a table. Keita only has time to take a couple of steps toward her before Dr. Mamon jumps out from behind her.

Making his entrance shortly afterward is Betterman, but the doctor isn't shaken in the least, because everything's going according to plan. Mamon needs Betterman to continue the research started seven years earlier by ModeWarp's parent company, an experiment that sought the development of the perfect human. Mamon turns himself into Brahman, and even Betterman's seed of Nebula may not be enough to overpower him, especially when the creature draws its strength from the vast quantity of linker gel that surrounds them.

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