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Episode Twenty-One: Death Edit

Weaving their way through an assortment of traps, the Akamatsu Industries team finally makes it to the last in a series of rooms, the one in which Dr. Mamon has been awaiting their arrival. Dr. Mamon has stopped at nothing to recruit Kaede to his organization, the Superhuman Federation, but only now does the team learn the real reason why.

Kaede is the final piece of the puzzle needed by the doctor to unleash Brahman, a creature he refers to as the next step toward a stronger human race. Standing in the way of his evil plan is the mysterious figure that has come to our heroes' aid on more than one occasion, beginning with the worm attack.

He is identified as Priest Yakusugi, the most powerful of humans. He is apparently no match for Brahman, however, as the fight takes to the sky above the Superhuman Federation building. Throwing Yakusugi through a wall, Brahman moves in for the kill, only to be tied up in knots by Lord Pakila, the most powerful of the Somniums, the race of beings to which Betterman belongs.

All this unexpected interference does not sit well with Dr. Mamon, and he and his organization flee -- with Kaede -- through an unused subway tunnel to the abandoned center of the city. Keita, Hinoki, Yamajii, and Li-Chan show up with the neuronoids just in time to continue the chase, but can the group save their friend before it's too late?

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