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Episode Twenty-Two: Life Edit

Although he succeeds in unleashing Brahman, Dr. Mamon's plans quickly go awry. With Kaede still under his control, he's forced to retreat to the uninhabited center of the city. One person who won't be joining the chase is Lord Pakila. After he destroys the doctor's creation he's killed by Kankel, a strange being that has been hunting and murdering the Somniums.

However, the Akamatsu Industries team is still in pursuit, and it soon finds Kaede. She has managed to free herself, but not before she helped Dr. Mamon transform himself into a second, more powerful Brahman. Priest Yakusugi appears again, but he's also killed in battle as well. He has spent most of his 120 years traveling the world to root out evil, but that task has now fallen to Akamatsu Industries.

The team starts its mission in an abandoned underground factory as Yakusugi's violent confrontation with Brahman collapses the earth beneath the factory. After all these months of fighting, the pressure finally hits Keita. He has a nervous breakdown while at the controls of the Kakuseijin. His timing couldn't be worse, as Brahman sees them and begins a devastating attack.

Keita recovers in time to perform some of his best fighting yet, and Brahman is defeated. Further help arrives from ModeWarp in the form of additional neuronoids, but they turn on the people they're supposed to assist.

Betterman has seen enough. He comes to the rescue. Kankel is right behind him, and the ensuing confrontation leads to the death of yet another Somnium.

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