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Episode Twenty-Six: Nothingness (finale) Edit

For Dr. Mamon to evolve into the perfect human, he needs to combine his own genetic structure with that of Betterman's. Now that Betterman has arrived to save Hinoki, Mamon can turn into Brahman and put his fiendish plan into action.

Using the seed of Nebula alone will have little effect on the powerful Brahman, since the creature draws its energy from the linker gel that surrounds them. Betterman, therefore, wisely concentrates his attack on that energy source, and Brahman is destroyed with relatively little difficulty after the linker gel has evaporated.

Like their last encounter, Kankel appears once the fight has ended with the intention of killing the very last of the Somniums. This time, however, Seeme is not around to sacrifice her own life so that Betterman can continue with his mission, and he suffers what is most likely his last injury.

Keita attempts to destroy Kankel with the neuronoid, but is quickly brushed aside, left for dead floating in the ocean just out of the reach of Hinoki. Also clinging to life are Mr. Akamatsu and Sakura, who we learn have a very special relationship. Akamatsu is trying to get what's left of Miyako's crashed neuronoid to move so that he and Sakura can escape before the scheduled United Nations bombing.

Miyako, incidentally, is also alive, though she'll wish she'd never been born after she learns the true reason behind the spread of Algernon. Will any of the characters survive, or will Kankel be free to destroy what's left of mankind?

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