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Episode Twenty-Three: Offering Edit

It's Christmas, and for the first time in a long while the Akamatsu Industries team is in good spirits. However, if it had not been for Betterman, none of them would have made it to the holidays. Keita had managed to defeat Brahman, but the team still had its hands full: The four late-arriving neuronoids dispatched by ModeWarp to assist with the rescue operation had turned on the team instead.

The neuronoids proved to be no match for Betterman, but Kankel, slayer of the Somniums, was a much more formidable opponent -- and was standing right behind him. Seeme, Betterman's constant companion and advisor, had sacrificed herself so that Betterman could continue to protect Keita and Hinoki.

Thanks to Seeme's selfless act, Betterman had time to mutate into his Aqua form and wash the team to safety. That was several weeks ago, and the only liquid the group is interested in this day is the booze at the Akamatsu Industries Christmas party.

A special announcement by Kaede and Yanagi makes the party even more joyous.

The evening gets even more exciting for Keita, who convinces Hinoki to accompany him to his house. His parents are away, and he seizes the opportunity to attempt a kiss. This scares Hinoki out of his bedroom, down the stairs, and into the arms of a familiar but most unwelcome foe.

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