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World barrier reef areas

(Bottom Center)

(Sanshiki K?ch? Kenky?jyo; the Japanese name actually translates to "Type 3 Aerial Laboratory." It is currently unknown as to what the "Type 3" in this name refers to.)

GS-Ride-powered aircraft with yellow-colored trim docked on "Area VI," or the Southeast position of the Hexagon. Expanded three pylons in a "Y" formation when launched, two pylons of which contained the experimental Ul-Tech Engine for which the vehicle was named. (The Hexagon and all of GGG's robots would later be upgraded with this engine, and would also be incorporated into nearly all of GGG's future vehicles.) Acted as a mobile laboratory for Professor Leo Shishioh and his staff, within which alien technologies (such as Zonder Metal) could be analyzed and researched.

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