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ZX 11




Used a portable black hole to absorb a target's energy or draw in a target to be trapped within its influence. Took human form as one of the Magnificent 7 Primevals, using Kaidou's foster mother as a host body (in addition to the USS Belleau Wood). Her choice of host body caused Kaidou to hesitate in attacking her in their first encounter, where she held Mamoru Amami's unconscious friends hostage in an attempt to draw him out. As a last stand in that encounter, she would escape to the Moon and perform Primeval Fusion with five of the remaining six Primevals in her group; this gambit would fail, although she managed to secure her own escape from Purification afterward along with Arm Primeval

She would next appear in Mexico (still possessing the body of Kaidou's foster mother) in an attempt to form a Zonder Metal Plant. She was assisted by Nose Primeval in this task, performing Primeval Fusion with him to increase her own strength against HyoRyu and RaiRyu. This would fail when GenRyuJin extracted Nose Primeval's core, invalidating her merge; King J-Der would appear soon after and destroy her with a Kaidou-directed J-Quath.

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